Geordan Wilcox
Head of Department

This past year has been challenging in many ways and I have struggled professionally with direction, self-doubt, anxiety, and a lost sense of confidence and courage, and my drive began to wane. I was close to rock bottom when I reached out to Matz Skoog for coaching. In the time that I have been working with Matz I have regained my courage, Matz has worked with me to remember where I have come from and what I have achieved. Through his coaching Matz helped me to gain my perspective and find my purpose, which was always there. I just needed the guidance and support to remember. I am truly grateful of Matz for his coaching and support

Geneviéve Leclair Orchestral Conductor

Matz provides great insight into professional development. His capacity to look at a situation from a different angle is really helpful in devising new approaches to professional goal achievement. His approach is pleasant and constructive and a conversation with him sends you onto many paths of reflection. I highly recommend.

Bronwen Patching

I have had the pleasure of working with Matz Skoog for the past six months. His approach is kind, thoughtful and inspiring. My confidence was at an all-time low and I needed direction and focus. Matz’s kind and approachable manner allowed me to dream bigger and higher and put a structure into my business that I hadn’t realised could be possible.

Matz had set me on a path with a new enthused positivity and confidence that now allows me to implement structures into my daily life and business.

I cannot recommend Matz highly enough.

Christine Palha
Tango Dancer & GYROTONIC® trainer

Matz coaching offers an open private space enabling you to gain clarity about your talents, tools and possibilities. His generosity, attention and care towards the client creates an atmosphere of total trust and understanding during the sessions. I experienced the work with him as inspiring, creative, motivating and also providing a structure on how to achieve your goals. I highly recommed Matz.

Nastazia Philippou

My experience working with Matz has been truly valuable and transformative both professionally and in my personal development. Matz creates a calm and safe environment for discussion, helping you assess your current challenges and aspirations constructively, while always looking ahead to a bright future for you. Every session with him has progressively allowed me to find the courage I needed to embrace opportunities fearlessly and discover my own voice. Thank you Matz for helping me find purpose and pride in my work and encouraging me to become the captain of my own life! It’s the best present I have given myself 

Tania Fairbairn
Ballet Mistress

Working with Matz is an investment in oneself. Through his clever but gentle questioning, he  leads you to rediscover self esteem and confidence and be open to the opportunities, possibilities and potential that one is actually capable of. The very things that get lost or trampled on through the ‘busyness’ of life are restored to a better place. He acknowledges and guides you forward to be the leader of your own life. 

Rebecca Haw Ballerina & Entrepreneur Founder, The World by Becca, CODA Services

The past few months working with Matz has brought me more clarity than I’ve ever had in my adult life. We tackled the list of things I was battling with most and conquered the many more that I couldn’t see myself. He gave me the confidence to reach for what I want and be unapologetic in my path to doing so, all in a non-judgemental, warm and kind environment.

Kriss Woodward Dip PFS Financial Adviser


Matz provides a calm space to discuss where you are and where you want to be, providing that vital time out to think about your own future both personally and professionally. Matz is an excellent listener and his calm and collected demeanor allows you to relax and really focus on you during the session, without distraction.

Izabela Gould MCIPPdip Head of HR Operations

Matz provides a comfortable space to discuss what is really holding you back. He is able to make you see the situation from a totally different angle and realise what are the actions you need to take to achieve what you really want. Sessions with Matz have provided me with confidence and courage to take control of my life and career. I feel extremely grateful I have met Matz. I did and would recommend him to anyone who just feels stuck and unsure what’s next and/or how to achieve that next goal.

Blanca Lasso HR Operations Manager

My Manager gave me the opportunity to work with Matz Skoog with the aim of improving some of my soft skills. Working with him has provided me with a new perspective of approaching problems, making thus a bigger impact by solving them better and working more efficiently with my colleagues.

The sessions with Matz have added the purpose I lacked to my personal and professional life and have also greatly helped me stay focus on what I want to achieve. He is guiding me through this process, challenging me to reflect more and grow as a person. I highly recommend going through this process with his professional help.

Joseph Sturdy Choreographer & Artistic Director

I approached Matz Skoog as I was looking for new strategic pathways in my leadership role. As a director and choreographer I felt I needed guidance in being able to focus on some of my goals that were not being met. Through his insightful and skilful coaching mixed with his wealth of experience Matz enabled me to focus with clarity and perspective and implement solutions to promote positive change.

Oxana Panchenko Principal Dancer

From having a few conversations with Matz I have started a new journey into discovering ways of improving my life personally and professionally. Learning to look at situations, my ways of thinking or engaging with the world from a different perspective is a revelation for me. Matz is like a wise owl full of compassion, wisdom and advice. 

Daniel de Andrade Choreographer-Producer/ Artistic Associate @Northern Ballet/ Dance Fellowship @Clore Leadership Programme


Feeling very positive and revitalised after a series of coaching sessions with Matz Skoog. He is a remarkably inspiring coach whose style stimulated in me a broad period of clear thinking and positive change of perspective, for career and personal aspirations alike. What I found most beneficial and constructive was his uncanny ability to combine his pure coaching skills with his wealth of experience, which enabled him to also offer well-timed mentoring counsel of invaluable strategic perspective.

Nicola Yiannakis Wellness Professional and Entrepreneur

I am truly grateful to Matz for guiding me through the embryonic stages of my company. In an unconventional industry where the creativity required does not always give rise to the cohesive, professional image I hoped to create, Matz questioned and probed my intentions. This allowed me to think bigger, laterally, outside the box and question my own motivations. The result: each step forward, an authentic, determined and well thought out strategy. It has not only saved me time but I feel certain I have laid valuable and secure foundation stones for my new business, both immediately as well as for the larger dream to come. He constantly encouraged me to maximise my potential with the knowledge and abilities I have right now; challenging what was holding me back; providing insightful literature when appropriate; and was understanding and compassionate when required. Thank you Matz!

Michael Marso Riviera Choreographer

Matz makes room for me to speak and makes me feel very comfortable, he brings a positive energy and I don't feel judged or scrutinised. He’s choice of location for the meeting was great and peaceful, I felt at ease straight away.

Karen Pilkington-Miksa Artistic Director, New English Ballet Theatre


I felt relieved to have been able to discuss the company's development with a very experienced person who was an impartial listener rather than one with judgmental critique.

Peter Wilson Pianist & Composer

Matz was invaluable in navigating a difficult period of creative change in my life. He has an acute understanding of the arts world, which enabled us to speak easily and in depth about my career. He helped me to find clarity of thought and a renewed sense of direction.

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Matz helped me with a process to illuminate possible career pathways. I recommend Matz because he took me beyond thinking just about my professional skills/experience to expressing more fundamental motivators like values orientation and legacy. Totally recommend Matz!
M. W. CEO, Financial Services & Corporate Leadership
The one off session I had with Matz was helpful and gave me an idea of what future coaching sessions would look like! I am looking forward to Matz’ insight and guidance, which comes from years of experience in the arts industry.
C. B. Composer and Fine Artist

Matz has a very welcoming presence that allows you to be heard and he gives you the space to find your own answers. His coaching is focused and helps you identify what you really want out of a situation so that you can move forward.

D. P. Health Coach

Thank you Matz for your thoughtful and supportive coaching conversations over the past few months. I have found your skilful listening and innovative approach to enabling me to see ways forward refreshing and challenging - in a helpful way! I find myself returning to key phrases and approaches discussed in our sessions frequently in the intervening weeks. Overall I feel I am able to recognise and manage my work life balance increasingly better by being kinder and more generous to myself as well as others! Thank you.

K. M. Phd

Working with Matz, albeit for a couple of sessions empowered me to deal with a complex leadership scenario. His coaching style was gentle but forensic enough to challenge me to immediately analyse the situation to find my own answers. I have already implemented solutions and I can see results! I liked his genuine and calm disposition and would work with him again. Thank you Matz.

M. N. Director

Working with Matz has been a surprisingly gratifying experience. As an individual who is often sceptical of seeking assistance, I was very pleasantly surprised by the progress we made. This is much down to Matz. His calm demeanour and ability to listen without interruption make him very easy to speak to.

S. N. Principal Dancer

Matz was very calm and listened well. He asked open questions and helped me explore the issues in real detail. The session really allowed me to address an issue with a level of objectivity that’s not easy to gain with colleagues and friends.

J. H. Orchestra Manager

Matz totally put me at ease and I had to smile when he asked me questions that in the past I have asked others. What amazed me were the insights that Matz was able to bring forward - things that I hadn’t picked up yet they were ‘hidden’ in the language that I used. I would recommend Matz if you know that something is holding you back, stopping you from being the best version of yourself that you can be.

J. B. CEO & Founding Director

When I first contacted Matz, I had only expected the sessions to affect me on a practical work level. I had not expected it unpack some of my dilemmas, to such a personal level. Matz has a very calm and patient presence. I am forever grateful for the tools he has given me to help me approach scenarios in a healthier and more productive way.

Jasmine, Actor

Dear Matz, three things: I feel taller, I feel stronger in my core, I feel more direct in my actions. Thank you

Jayne, Artist

You helped me identify some fundamental areas to work on immediately: That being a black woman in my position is a strength and not a limiting belief. I should understand and unearth this as a power and not a fear. I have achieved a lot and I am not just a leader but also a woman of significance.

M. N. Manager

Andrew McNeill Saxophonist, Composer & Lecturer


Matz, over the couple of sessions I’ve had with him, has enabled me to be more focused in achieving my short term and long-term goals. His approach has real depth and is empowering. His sensitive and carefully targeted questions opened up a discussion about the issues that have been causing me to delay in achieving my current goals. As well as promoting a deep self-analysis, he offered many insightful suggestions and helped me plan how I should be moving forward. I highly recommend Matz to anyone who is interested in empowering themselves and their career. Thank you so much Matz and look forward to staying in contact.

Haley Myles
Classical Pianist

Matz's coaching empowered me and helped me determine actions that enabled me to reach my goals. He is amiable and genuine and I greatly enjoyed working with him.

Lily Bones Dance Entrepreneur

I contacted Matz because I had a million ideas and found myself in a career transition. He’s brilliant at getting you to focus and find the answers while making you believe you’ve already triumphed.