Aim For The Sky And You'll Reach The Ceiling.

Aim For The Ceiling And You'll Stay On The Floor.

Child on ladder looking for coaching and personal development

Life coaching

will enable you to become more self-aware and self-assured and find strengthened commitment for positive change. You will become positively proactive in shaping your own future and go from being merely functional to becoming exceptional. You will:

  • Gain clarity of vision for a compelling future

  • Design goals and strategies for moving forwards

  • Address work/social/family/life balance

  • Reinforce courage, self-confidence and assertiveness

  • Strengthen commitment and motivation for action

  • Find purpose, meaning and fulfillment

Career Coaching

will help you maximise your professional potential and develop confidence to perform at a higher level. You will optimise the satisfaction you get from your job, boost your chances of promotion and career progression, and be able to make a more valuable contribution to society at large. Benefits include:

  • Upgrading leadership skills
  • Gaining clarity on career and business goals

  • Coping with the pressures of entrepreneurship

  • Presenting yourself with confidence in interviews

  • Enhancing learning and development of new skills 

  • Maximising potential, work effectively and deal with procrastination

  • Developing self confidence, assertiveness and maintaining healthy relationships at work 

  • Dealing effectively with career transition and career change

Coaching For Performers

As a former international ballet dancer and Artistic Director, working alongside several generations of artists, I have a deep understanding of the ever-changing circumstances that come with working in the performing arts. To enjoy a thriving career in the theatre requires nous, confidence, motivation and resilience. I enable artists at different stages in their working lives to take charge of their destiny more effectively, meet challenges with more confidence and improve their chances of a satisfying career. Areas of coaching for performers might include:

  • Job seeking and preparing for auditions

  • Strengthening resilience, building confidence and maintaining motivation during demanding times

  • Coping with stress under pressure in a high performance environment

  • Maintaining healthy relationships with colleagues and management

  • Preparedness to seize opportunities to maximise career development 

  • Managing career transition and dealing with loss at the end of an active performance career


If you want to know how I can serve you please don’t hesitate to schedule a complimentary strategy session. Together you and I will explore solutions for positive change and progress. I’d be delighted for the opportunity to get to know you so please do get in touch. Just click the button below, fill in your details, and I will get back to you straight away. It might surprise you how useful and enlightening such a conversation might be. You have nothing to loose and potentially everything to gain.