Career Success Guidance
for Dance Professionals

Empowering dance professionals to dramatically increase their chances of a successful and fulfilling career through effective career planning, development, and transitions

Areas for Coaching

Life Coaching

Will enable you to become more self-aware and self-assured and find strengthened commitment for positive change, enabling you to fully live your best life.

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Coaching For Dance People

As a former international ballet dancer and Artistic Director, I have worked alongside several generations of artists.

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Career Coaching

Will help you maximise your professional potential and take you from being good enough to excellence, with confidence to perform at a higher level. 

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My Story


I am a former dancer Artistic Director and international performing arts leader, now a Performance Coach, helping people become successful by elevating their game. Some of my clients are introverts looking for courage and confidence; most are simply ambitious professionals wanting to find clarity of mind and direction to what’s next in life and business. People I work with tend to be passionate, smart and qualified, but still have issues they wish to resolve to enable them to do even better. In all cases they are ready to talk and reflect on challenges, business and life.

I provide the challenge, encouragement, and support you need to be successful. By offering you a safe space for the conversations you are normally too busy to have, knowing you will not be judged, you will go further than you thought possible.

Matz Skoog dancing in Bolero
Matz Skoog Coaching Client - Lily Bones