My bespoke personal development programs will provide a safe space for the thought-provoking creative conversations you are normally too busy to have, making it possible for you to go further than you thought possible.

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How I Work

Sometimes I’m a coach, sometimes a mentor, sometimes an advisor and consultant; but always with the objective of guiding you towards your desired outcomes. My style is enquiring and pragmatic. People I work with typically go from feeling stuck to finding clarity of direction and a renewed sense of confidence. Typical areas of professional development I am regularly asked to help with are:

Career planning – a clear vision of where you are heading, both during and after and active dancing career, will ensure better results and more fulfilment in all areas of work throughout your working life. I help my clients explore what they want and discover what they need to do to get there.

Career development – limiting beliefs and lack of confidence often stifle progress. A positive mindset is essential. I help my people develop strong principles and assertiveness to handle high-pressure environments together with leadership skills, because ability to lead oneself and others lay at the core of all career progression.

Career transitions – throughout an active career a dance professional will encounter transitions and personal change when conflicting priorities and feelings can be challenging. By providing my clients with opportunities to have constructive conversations, knowing they won’t be judged, they find clear directions and a renewed sense of purpose.

In addition, challenges I often assist with include:

  • Problem solving and decision making
  • Bringing new perspectives to narrow thinking
  • Professional evaluations and assessments
  • Confidence, assertiveness and self esteem
  • Communication with management, colleagues and direct reports
  • Identifying strengths, enhancing learning and skills development
  • Helping clients handle difficult conversations
  • Finding purpose, meaning and fulfilment
  • Upgrading leadership skills
  • Overcoming procrastination
  • Strengthening resilience and motivation during demanding times
  • Coping in a high-performance environment

What I Can Do For You

As a former international dancer and Artistic Director, with decades of experience of working alongside several generations of artists, I have a deep understanding of the ever-changing circumstances that come with being in the performing arts. To enjoy a thriving career in all areas of dance requires nous, confidence, motivation and resilience. I enable dance professionals at different stages in their working lives to take charge of their destiny more effectively. When working with me you will go from being merely functional to becoming exceptional, boosting your chances of promotion and career progression.

How We Begin

Our first meeting will be an introductory consultation at no cost to you. This will be an opportunity for you to decide if I am the right person to help you fulfil your needs; for me to understand what it is you wish to achieve and to decide if you are someone I can genuinely help. There will be no pressure on either of us to proceed but should we decide to work together we will discuss how I can best serve your specific needs and circumstances. Three typical programme options are:

Intensive: Three sessions over a relatively short time frame, three to four weeks, for someone working on a specific project that requires decisive actions and quick results.

Regular: Six sessions over three to four months, allowing more time for reflection and change, for someone looking for more profound career or personal development.

Open-Ended: If you have a longer perspective in mind, you can have an ongoing arrangement of single check-in sessions, scheduled ad hoc, where we work on your biggest current challenge, creatively exploring solutions more effectively than you could ever manage on your own.

In all cases, supplementary to our meetings, I am available as necessary throughout our working relationship to provide discussion, feedback and reflection.

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